Date Posted:10/05/2021

Nostalgic Treasures in Yate Shopping Centre’s South Walk has rebranded as Bodhie with vintage inspired ethical fashion, homeware & modern day trends and a major eye on sustainability.

The past twelve months have posed society with many differing challenges, none more so than those faced by Bella Winder who faced the challenges of returning to her family home in Seychelles to attend her father’s funeral and then having to experience cancelled flights and a tortuous and complex return trip to the UK during the recent lockdown.

As she admits: “With the prospect of returning to lockdown in the UK and a closed business with no obvious future I was probably at the ultimate low point of my life. However, overnight I realised that I had to relaunch the business and face the challenge that life throws at us. It might have been the influence of my late father but, whatever, I was taken with a burning desire to resurrect the business and enlightenment filled my body with fire.

“I immediately decided to rename the business, formerly Nostalgic Treasures, redesign the premises and transform our offer to the public. Bodhie has now risen from the ashes and I knew if I was going to continue the business it had to be a new start and it had to be amazing! I want people to think it is a new shop opening in Yate and it has to be special for everyone.                                                                  

Andrew Lowrey, Yate Shopping Centre Manager: “Many business owners have faced their own personal challenges over the last twelve months but Bella’s personal voyage is one that probably exceeds most! Her future plans to focus on eco products and recycling products is a welcome addition to the Centre’s offer and we wish her every success”.

Continuing, Bella said: “Over recent times, the Centre has lost some key outlets such as Body Shop and Accessorize so I want to fill the gaps they have left with the best selection of jewellery and wellbeing products in the area. The shop has had lots of changes: it’s more commercial now with products brought in from all corners of the world but it still has elements of the old shop. 

“All products are carefully hand picked specifically to make my customers smile.  We’re dedicated and passionate about our customer’s needs and sending positive vibes all day every day is important to us. Beautiful homeware and ethically sourced and sustainable offers including products like vegan hair and body soaps; hand wash and body wash candles; bamboo cotton buds; wash cloths and so much more. 

“Bodhie prides itself for its ethical sustainable development but we still recycle restored furniture and sell chalk paint and accessories to inspire customers in their own projects.  We also sell vintage vinyls, used guitars, vintage homeware and so much more. Nothing goes to the land fill if it can be avoided”. 

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