Centre's colour coding to help shoppers

Date Posted:24/03/2022

Planters in Yate Shopping Centre walkways are being colour coded to assist visitors in finding their way around.

Working with Yate Town Council, the Centre has used dementia friendly colours for the planters with each walkway a different colour to assist visitors and those persons specifically with dementia to be able to remember which walkway they accessed the centre. 

Centre Manager, Andrew Lowrey: “To most the Centre’s layout comes naturally but with the increasing number of visitors and new residents coming to Yate, these improvements will hopefully help give some orientation to the Centre.

“The dementia friendly changes are part of the Centre’s on-going work to address inclusivity for everybody and ensure that the Centre is at the forefront of any such measures. We are always keen to work with specialist organisations to ensure a visit to the Centre is an enjoyable and easy experience”.

Speaking on behalf of Yate Town Council, Councillor Jane Price said: “On behalf of Yate Town Council, I would like to thank Yate Shopping Centre for colour coding the planters. This will help people with dementia to navigate themselves around the centre. One of the Council’s aims is to support people ageing better, remaining healthier and more independent in and around the town”.

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